5 Unique Ways to Show off Custom Patches


Often associated with a high-ranking military official or a punk rocker’s vest, patches are a way to display personal style, denote rank, advertise, or add flair to an existing item. Patches are versatile and eye-catching, so let’s dive in and look at a few more ways to display them.

Read on to learn 5 creative ways to show off your own custom patches.


A simple canvas backpack is an ideal spot for patches. They’re big enough to accommodate multiple patches, and they travel everywhere. Displaying patches on backpacks is popular among people who regularly carry backpacks, such as students. Slapping a patch on your backpack is a great way to express yourself and show off your individuality.

This is also a great way to spread brand awareness and spread brand recognition. The patches placed on a student’s backpack will be viewed repeatedly by fellow students on campus.

Envision your ideal client; do they carry a backpack? If so, then this is an excellent way to get into and start displaying your custom patches.

Baseball Hats

Whether you use iron-on or stitched-on patches, a baseball hat is a great blank canvas on which to display your patch. This is a relatively inexpensive way to create a product for your brand. It’s also a cheap way to create your own personal hat you can’t find in stores.

Designing your own custom patch on a website like patches4less.com or custompatchfactory.com is fun and easy. Could this be the start of your own clothing brand?


Adding a velcro backing to your patches could bring relief to the indecisive patch-wearer. If you feel like mixing it up, you can swap it out for another patch.

Even if your patch doesn’t come with a velcro backing, you can add a small velcro strip for a less permanent patch display.


Uniforms emblazoned with a custom patch make the brand appear more authoritative, secure, competent, and sophisticated. When compared to a printed t-shirt, an embroidered patch looks more official and professional.

Patches are used on the uniforms of military, law enforcement, emergency responders, security services, and trade companies, to name a few.

They also improve the look of team uniforms in school or recreational sports leagues.

Easy Gifts

If you’re still not sure how you want to display your patches or want to leave it up to the patch owner’s creativity, you can give or sell them as gifts. Selling your designs or brand logo on a patch is an easy way to make some extra point-of-purchase sales.

Patches are inexpensive, so that they would make a fine promotional item as well. Every patch that you put out in the world is one more advertisement!

How to Make Custom Patches Work for You

These are only just a few creative ways to display custom patches. Try these ideas, or think outside of the box to come up with a few of your own! If you found this article helpful, check out our blog’s business section for more tips like this.


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