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5 TV Shows That Will Lighten Your Mood on a Blue Day


Feeling low?

Happens to the best of us. Whenever you are feeling blue, it is better to divert your mind and think about something else.

A refresh mind can take better decisions than a mind that is frustrated. There is nothing better than a good TV show to uplift your mood.

We have made a list of the best five TV shows that will give you a good laugh and refresh your mind:


Let’s just face it, if there is one show that you can tune into on a sad day, it has to be FRIENDS!

This show has changed the meaning of friendship for so many. While some might argue that it has depicted friends as family and has given the audience unreal expectations from friendship, a greater percentage of viewers might debate on how they have just set a benchmark for real, wholesome friendship.

The show is rends up being relatable for almost everyone who watches it. It revolves around as it comprises of six main characters with carrying personalities not even remotely similar to each other.

They show good days and bad days but what really cheers you up while watching is the genuineness and love each of the characters have for one another.

This show particularly highlightshows that when anxiety builds up within you and when you are in a fix, all you need is people who love you to the core to give you company.

It is on this very idea that the show builds on. In fact, to when it begins with an episode showing a bride who escapes a marriage to start a new life with a group of supportive friends.

Schitt’s Creek

This Canadian Sitcom is one of the shows where you just cannot choose a favorite character for yourself because you absolutely love everyone on the show!

This show revolves around a family who is super wealthy  so wealthy that they buy a town as a joke. Fate takes a new direction and they suddenly lose all they have except for that town named “Schitt’s Creek”.

The Rose family that consists, consisting of a couple with two adult children who have been pampered all their lives to the core, work on to rebuild their lives.

Their new life without luxury sure gives them a hard time coping, but they eventually blend in because even though everything around them is cheap, it is also pure. 

Schist’s Creek will leave you in laughing fits because of how wonderfully the characters play their roles.

Simultaneously, this show teaches the audience the value of sentiment, loyalty and trust!
The IT Crowd

“Hey, my computer is not working?” “Did you try turning it off and on again?”

If you thought this dialogue only happensoccurs between you and your dad, you’re mistaken!

The IT Crowd will remind you of every time you have wanted to fix an electronic item, it will just be a lot funnier now.

This show revolves around two IT guys, or standard nerds if you may use the language of the show, who work in the basement for a communications company.

Regardless of their work and skill, they are ignored by the company and are never recognized for the amount of hard work that they put in.

While both of them are extremely intelligent in the work they do, at the same time, they are extremely awkward in social environments and often act in a rather bizarre way in public.

It gets funnier as they welcome a new member, Jen, to their team as who is a the Relationship Manager. The bond between the three is one of a kind that which leaves a smile on the viewer’s’ face each time the episode ends.

The Big Bang Theory

This American TV sitcom will make you want to binge it all day and you will still not be able to get enough of it!

The show revolves around four4 scientists, who apart from physics, share their love for comics, science fiction and fantasy. This show highlights the importance of dreaming big, never giving up and creating meaningful relationship not with words, but with actions.

However, Aall of these messages are very subtly touched upon amidst the laughter, scientific facts and frequent banter on what field of study holds the greatest value.

This show was nominated in the category of Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in four consecutive years because it is an absolute being an absolute masterpiece!

This is the kind of show that you could tune into any time of the day to lighten your mood or watch it at the end of a tiring day to help yourself relax!
Brooklyn 99

If there is a show that you would never regret watching, it is Brooklyn 99! This show will entertain you even if you do not even like watching comedy.

Not only does it completely change the perception of how a common man would think life at the precinct would be, it also blends in comedy with instances of discussion on current affairs.

Unlike a lot of American TV sitcoms, this show is very diverse when it comes to race, sexuality, and gender. It beautifully depicts how individuals working together carry their own identity but at the same time are very accepting of their of the other coworkers,

who eventually become more do not only become friends, like but more like family that has reassuring that they’d have each other’s back no matter what happens.

Final thoughts

The shows mentioned in these articles are light hearted, funny and family oriented. They can help you relax by the end of a tiring day at work.

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