5 Most Widely Used Industrial Chemicals in 2021


Although few people outside of science and heavy industry know it, industrial chemicals are the foundation of almost everything that makes the modern world tick. From global transport to the smartphone in your pocket to the buildings that we all live and work in, industrial chemistry makes the modern world possible.
Despite the outsized importance of the global $4 trillion chemicals industry, few people could name the actual chemicals that are essential to the processes that govern and enable daily life as we know it. If you are curious about the chemicals that make the world go around, read on to find out the five most widely used industrial chemicals in 2021.

  1. Sulfuric Acid
    Coming in at the very top of the list is sulfuric acid, which is by far the most widely-used industrial chemical in the world by virtually every measure. Its primary use is in the chemical reaction that is used to produce phosphoric acid, which is used in virtually every chemical fertilizer and is essential for global food production. It is also used in industrial and household cleaning solutions such as detergents, as well as in the production of metals such as copper and zinc.
  2. Nitrogen
    Hundreds of millions of tons of nitrogen gas are produced every single year, due to its massive and diverse array of industrial applications. Nitrogen can be combined with hydrogen to produce ammonia, which is one of the most widely used industrial fertilizers and cleaners on Earth. In addition, nitrogen can be used to quickly freeze a wide range of products and substances so they can be processed or shipped around the world.
  3. Ethylene
    More than 150 million tons of ethylene are produced every year, making it the most commonly produced organic compound in the world. It is widely used in the production of synthetic materials such as plastics, rubber, and fabrics such as polyester. In addition, there are key ethylenes such as polyethylene glycol, which can now be purchased wholesale online at umbrellachemical.us, which is used in the production of thousands of different types of vital pharmaceutical products.
  4. Chlorine
    When you think of chlorine, you probably think of the swimming pool and that telltale smell. Chlorine is widely used as a disinfectant, thanks to its ability to kill virtually all bacteria while causing minimal harm to humans. While it is widely used in swimming pools, you will also find chlorine in industrial pesticides, household cleaners, batteries, and automotive engine parts. This is a truly versatile industrial chemical.
  5. Ammonia
    Ammonia has a very distinct odor that is often compared to the smell of rotten eggs. Despite its unappealing stench, ammonia has a staggering number of important uses in the world around us. It is used heavily in agriculture as a fertilizer, as well as an anti-fungal agent in fruit and vegetable production. Ammonia is also a vital component of vitamins, cosmetics, dyes, synthetics, and refrigerators, to name just a few.
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