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5 Imperative Steps To Create An Impeccable Wiki Page



Since the dawn of the digital age the access to information has been made quite easy for people all across the planet. Nowadays anyone can get information regarding any subject or topic by simply searching it on a search engine but where there are benefits of easy access to information there are also some draw backs as well such as the reliability of the information, it might not always be reliable. 

However, there is one digital platform that is well known for its ability to provide reliable and authentic information to people across the world for free. One of the major reasons for this virtual platform to get fame is the fact that it provides reliable information; another reason for this virtual platform’s popularity is the fact that this platform is the hub of information and knowledge. The name of this platform is wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that can easily be called as an ocean of information as the topics available on wikipedia relate to almost everything a person can think about. With more than ten thousand wiki pages uploaded every day and each wiki page with a unique topic, you can imagine the range of subjects and topics this virtual platform covers.

Now, even though wiki pages are created in a large number on a daily basis but only a handful of them get the approval of the platform. Knowing how to create and how to submit a wikipedia page requires thorough knowledge about the page creation process which most beginners don’t have which results in their wiki pages getting rejected. Beginners can follow these five steps to create their wiki pages to have a better chance of approval.   

Register yourself on Wikipedia:

Every beginner first needs to create an account and get themselves registered on wikipedia before they start with the page creation process. Now, this is fairly easy and simple to do. The wiki page creator is required to go to Wikipedia’s official website and choose the option on upper right corner of the web page that says “create account”. Before this they will need to pick their preferred language for the page. After selecting the “create account” option you simply need to follow the instructions and provide the wiki authorities all the information they require. Mind that it is not an obligation to create your wikipedia account before you create a wiki page but since it has many benefits for the wiki writers and page creators therefore it comes highly recommended because it aids a wiki writer to create a reputation for themselves.

Page Title:

After getting registered on wikipedia you now need to select a title for your wiki page that is both unique and meets the standards of notability of the virtual platform. Failing to meet the notability standards and failing to select a unique title will both be things that will create a barrier in your page creation process as wikipedia does not allow two pages with similar page titles and rejects wiki pages whose page titles don’t meet the notability standards of the platform.


Once passed through the initial page creation process now you need to gather all the information you need to provide your audience through your wiki page. Your information must be authentic and reliable and should come from authentic sources. Every wiki writer must make use of references and citations to authenticate the information they are providing on their wiki page.

Wiki pages are famous for their ability to provide facts and updated information which can only be possible if the page creator or writer spends considerable time and effort in the collection of information that will prove valuable for the audience.


Once you have gathered and collected all the necessary information that is required for your wiki page, you now need to start the creation of your page content. While writing for your wiki page you must make sure that you follow and pay heed to all the necessary writing policies and guidelines of the virtual platform. Another important thing to take care of for a wiki writer is to ensure that the tone of their page content is neutral. Opinions and inclination towards different theories may get your wiki page disqualified. So, being a wiki writer you need to be extra careful while you are writing for your wiki page.


This final step needs you to submit your creation for the final and official review and screening process conducted by the official wikipedia editors. But the wise thing to do before the submission of your wiki page is to remove or mend any errors that might need fixing as this will ensure a much higher chance of your wiki page to get approved. 

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