5 Ideal Amenities for Every Hotel Room


The hotel industry plays a vital role for travelers, making it possible for them to board and eat comfortably. Every country around the globe has some sort of hotel service. When one boards a hotel room, there are some expectations that they may look forward to. While most hotels may work hard to have the necessary amenities, most go below the standard of what they should actually provide. 

What are the five ideal amenities for every hotel room?

  • Localized travel guides: The main reason that a tourist books a hotel might be to get closer to a final destination. Travel guides are vital for hotel guests, and it provides them with an opportunity to explore local interests before they step outside of the hotel. They should have maps of places of interest, including hotels, etc. 
  • Clean cotton towels: It might sound normal, but the importance of having clean cotton towels cannot be ignored. It is one of the basic amenities that should not be missed in a hotel room. The emphasis should be on cleanliness and the material used in manufacturing the towels. A soft, clean, skin-friendly towel should be available to guests for proper cleaning. 
  • A stable internet connection: Travelling is global, for most travelers, the ability to keep up with their families, friends, and business communications is critical. A good Wi-Fi connection is undoubtedly a priority for anyone traveling in or outside of the country. Often travelers don’t book their adventures until they are in the state or country of the destination. 
  • Spacy and cozy bathroom: After a long day, most travelers get to their room tired and in need of a long bath or shower. A comfortable and spacious bathroom is inviting and stress relieving.
  • A suitable desk: Some travelers like working on the go. Some may be writing their reports daily, or maybe they are freelancers who like to travel the world around. A proper working space in the form of a desk and a chair may come in handy.

While the five ideal amenities for every hotel have been mentioned above, some additional ones should also accompany them. 

They include: Commercial hospitality equipment that is updated and working properly. A music player, because music is a necessity for most travelers. Having a music player with Bluetooth compatibility may help them listen to some music from their devices whenever they would love to hear some music. 

Another one is a beautiful garden. Some hotels have gardens, and visitors may choose to stay in them just because of that. To some tourists, a beautiful garden may form a part of their traveling experience. Some love flowers, while others love the lawns, trees, etc.

A universal USB charger would benefit most travelers. Many forget their chargers at home, and having such a charger can save them from missing out on communication. Lastly, an alarm system is also essential for the security of the traveler and their personal possessions. Reporting from the room when insecurity is identified is very vital. The system may also come with a secure safe that can protect the traveler’s valuables in case of theft or fire.

Lastly, an under-bed light is also an underlooked amenity that can help. There is nothing more hectic than a traveler stumbling from the bed in the night to go find a light switch. A hotel room that considers all the amenities above may be an excellent place to board when traveling. 

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