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5 envelope design trends for the future!


We live in a digital age. We live in a time where almost all of our daily work whether it is the household chores or important office errands is carried over our computers or other devices and through the internet.


Importance of print and why envelope printing is still important:

The lore of the internet is quite understandable as it allows instant connectivity and we can reach anyone sitting in any corner of the world without moving an inch. The rise of social media in the current pop culture is another very important factor behind this surge in popularity of the internet. Businesses too are opting to solidify their online presence now, because it surely is the need of the time.

We are observing that many organizations spend millions on their advertising and digital marketing campaigns while completely ignoring their print. Now, we can understand that the kind of reach advertising on TV, Radio, or even social media can bring to an organization, your printed materials to play a much larger role than just fulfilling your communication needs.

Well-designed stationery can do wonders in making that much-needed added impact on your potential customers. Just like everything else, your stationery is a part of your business and if it is not in line with your overall brand elements or if they are simple you might come off as non-serious or even worse non-professional.

Even during your everyday communications like a memo sent internally or a proper proposal sent to another organization if your stationery like envelopes or letterheads is gracefully designed, they will surely add other dimensions to your overall personality. Many businesses tend to jump over the envelope printing phase while having their stationeries designed.

Envelopes can be seen as the packaging for the paper that carries a piece of important information. This makes them the first that an individual would see when that letter is received and if the design is not that impressive enough it will be very difficult to garner the receiver’s attention. An impressive design will also help your letter to stand out among the bunch in the mail, as we all that an exquisite will always get our attention first and ultimately our preference.

An eye-catching design will also raise the expectations of the receiver as he/she will get excited to know what it carries inside assuring us that the message is delivered. Even during your communication, a good design will never fail to leave an impact. The following are a few envelope printing design trends that we think can be the perfect carriers for your information.


Use colors for effect:

Simple envelopes with colors that were mostly shades of white are a thing of the past now. You can use aesthetic subdued colors to create a softer impact, they come off as pleasing to the eyes and refreshing to look at. You can also create a background effect with these soft colors by using your logo’s fonts and most importantly space. Multicolor envelopes can also create an enchanting effect with softer colors on the outer layer with contrasting colors on the inside and on the borders. Be sure to let your creativity flow and brainstorm a few designs before finalizing your envelope printing.


Over the top:

Overdoing things can come off as pretentious sometimes and we are definitely not recommending that. However, if the use of bold colors, dominant illustrations, and patterns is done the right way, it can bring another dimension to your overall brand’s identity. The overall look of the final design is also enhanced as it allows you to take full control of your creativity. An optimal envelope printing service will make sure that that the final output including its paper and design are all top-notch.


Fancy cut-outs:

Well, this is one design trend that’s related to art and we have seen masterpieces made out of paper over the years. These are envelopes that are cut in a specific way that brings a two-dimensional feel to the envelope. The design could be anything whether abstract or a picture, this type of design in envelope printing is best suited for brands that want to show their creative side.


Geometric patterns and minimalist design:

Well, this is a more laid-back approach but it gives a very strong message. We all know-how in these modern times saving is not considered cheap anymore, it is considered smart and it is the need of the time to preserve for the future generations. These designs are inspired by that approach and with clever use of spaces and geometric patterns the final output comes out as visually appealing.

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