5 Customer Loyalty Program Ideas That Customers Will Actually Want


Is building customer loyalty your next brand goal?

A great way to keep your sales consistent is to invest in keeping customers instead of getting new ones. Most of your profit will come from repeat customers. The best thing about having a loyal customer base is that you get free word-of-mouth marketing.

Make a customer interested enough by utilizing customer loyalty programs. It’s a unique way of encouraging a customer to return and continue conducting business with you. This way, you keep your customer happy, and profit remains consistent.

These are the five best customer loyalty program ideas that your customer will love. Read what we have below and learn more.

  1. Reward them with a Free Product

Everyone loves freebies, especially if it’s their favorite food, drink, or beauty product. Reward your customer with a free item every time they earn points. This will motivate your customer to buy from you and increase your revenue.

This loyalty program is possible with the point-based loyalty program. To keep the purchase cycle between you and customers, you need a simple and intuitive program. This is best used for businesses that make short and frequent purchases.

  1. Free Shipping

Nowadays, it’s common to buy food, clothing, and gadgets online. However, many users also abandon their carts after seeing the tax and shipping fee totals. To reduce cart abandonment, offer customers free shipping.

One of the best customer loyalty program ideas you can use here is the VIP loyalty program. With a one-time fee, your customer can gain the status of VIP. This gives them access to premium services like free shipping or one-day shipping services.

You can even offer packaging options for the item to make it feel more special and personalized. This motivates current customers to stay with your brand and converts new users.

  1. Birthday Gifts

Use customer loyalty gift ideas that will make your customers feel valued and special on their birthday. You can give them a free product or instant cashback to let customers think they earned something back from their purchases.

  1. Give them a Discount

Discounts are another way to motivate your customer to keep on doing business with you. Giving them discounts and coupons guarantees that they will come back to use it. This keeps the sale cycle going and increases your revenue.

  1. Partnered Loyalty Program

This loyalty program is effective in growing your company and makes loyal customers. This strategy allows you to partner with another business that’s relevant to your brand.

When their customer makes a purchase, they can get a discount on their next purchase with you. Doing this allows you to reach a new network of customers.

The Best Customer Loyalty Program Ideas for Customer Retention

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to show your customers you care. You can even combine these customer loyalty program ideas to get the most out of your efforts.

However, building customer loyalty is only the first step to growing your brand. For more business and marketing tips, check out our other guides.


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