3 Main Doubts You Should Clear About Envelope Sets


Envelope setsprovide the recipients with a feeling of receiving professional packaging. It improves the image of a brand in the eyes of the customers. These envelopes are the first thing most people would interact with regarding your brand. These are made with high-quality materials, which are known as parchment paper. Parchment paper is just like any other piece of paper but how it differentiates itself from the rest is important. It has a layer of silicon on top of it, which adds shine and smoothness to the envelopes, and at the same time, it protects the packaging from germs. These envelopes are used for many purposes, but mostly they are used for educating the customers about important announcements, promotions, and events. These are highly print-friendly materials, so you can print them with the logo of your company and attractive illustrations to make full use of them as your marketing tools. In every marketing strategy, people have some doubts regarding how that would work and is it safe, etc. The same is the case when talking about Envelope sets. There are a few doubts in the minds of the customers and the retailers as well. In this article, those doubts will be cleared so that you can go and buy the perfect envelope cases for your business.  Let us take at some of the doubts regarding these custom envelope packaging.

1. Safety

The first and foremost doubt people have in mind regarding paper and envelope sets is safety. Safety can be of two types in this regard, product safety and personal safety.

  • Personal Safety

Living in a world with a pandemic, personal safety is highly important. As many pieces of research have shown that the virus of Covid-19 can survive on several surfaces, and touching them might result in you getting infected with the deadly virus as well. So, people have their doubts regarding the safety of these envelopes when they receive them on their doormats. The good thing about this packaging is that it is made of parchment paper that is coated with a layer of silicon on top of it. So, not only is this layer responsible for the smoothness, but it also acts as a perfect shield from germs. So when you pick up a wedding invitation envelope setsfrom your neighbors or your loved ones, you can relax as it would not be carrying the virus. But just for the ultimate satisfaction, using gloves might still be the best idea.

  • Product safety

The next thing which the retailers are worried about more s product safety. As mentioned earlier, it is manufactured using high-quality material, so the protection of the product is ensured. This material is known for the durability and its ability to endure the stresses a package might carry while it is in transit. Moreover, as there is a layer of silicone on top of the paper, it also acts as a water-resistant layer for the blank card envelope setsso you can rest assured that your packaging and the letter or document will not be damaged by water or moisture. Apart from water protection, this protective layer also ensures that there are no scratches on the package itself. As it will look very unprofessional and might be the reason a customer ignores your promotional scheme. 

2. Sustainability 

The next thing after the safety that concerns the retailers is the sustainability and cost of these packages. Let us discuss these envelope packages in detail below.

  • Eco-friendly

In the last decade or so, the importance of the use of packaging that is eco-friendly has skyrocketed. It is important for everyone that such packaging is used, which consumes less energy in production and is biodegradable. This is where these writing paper envelope setsshine! These are made from materials that are fully biodegradable and are causing little to no harm to nature. People, in general, also like to promote such businesses and organizations that are in this war against non-eco-friendly materials.

  • Cost-effective

The one thing that most businesses worry about is the cost factor. While it may seem like a haunting idea at first, but when you get to know how economical this envelope packaging is, you would surely love them. These are made from materials that are readily available in the market because these are made from natural resources. High availability makes the cost low, and the manufacturing process is simple as well. So this leads to an overall inexpensive packaging but with all the bells and whistles of an effective marketing tool.

3. Customizability

Many people think that these envelope packages are not customizable enough because they have a little area for customization. Well, this is not the case because these are the trendiest options for wedding invites. Let us take a look at how these can be customized.

  • Finishing options

Apart from the general finishing option, that is the smooth surface due to the silicon layer. There are other options to make your packages look even more appealing when the recipients pick them up. These finishing options include Embossing and Matte look. This is the reason you see wedding invitation envelope setsin various design options because this material is fully customizable, and many designs can be made on it. So they can be customized according to the needs of the customers.

  • Print options

Many businesses use these envelope cases to their full advantage as the perfect marketing tools. Companies put their logo on top of the package and print them with the colors that signify their brand to make sure that the receiver automatically realizes that the package is from you. Moreover, they can also print the latest promotions and sales on special events. As the holiday season is getting near, so many businesses use these envelopes to design them in accordance with the theme of Christmas or New years in mind to relate with the customers. Whenever there is a trend in the market, there come doubts with it too. If you have managed to read all the points above, then by now, many of your doubts must be cleared. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the nearest supplier of Envelope sets in your area, and get started with it.

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