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Tourism Business in Nepal, been active as one of the major economies of the country for the last four decades. Tourism Industry has become an important source of income for nearly 50 % Nepalese, involved directly or indirectly in the tourism business.

Tourism Business in Nepal, the major financial factor that provides huge employment and lifetime livelihood to most Nepalese. Without movement and arrival of foreign and local travelers related to tourism, most parts of the country will be doomed.

Nepal with most of the world’s highest peaks and huge Himalayan Mountain range makes the country an adventure destination. Where travelers can enjoy from short country hikes to the long duration of trekking in Nepal.

The main flow of tourism business in Nepal is trekking, followed by peak climbing and major mountaineering expeditions. Besides its enchanting places, and warm friendly hospitality of Nepalese makes Nepal a renowned holiday spot with various activities to offer.

Besides the huge potential for adventure tourism, Nepal is an equally famous and charming country for historical, varied cultures and ancient places. Where most of the world heritage sites are located within the valley that includes Kathmandu, Patan / Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur cities.

The country has much to offer with world heritage sites that extend to Lumbini the holy birthplace of Lord Buddha. Apart from temples and old historical monuments places like Chitwan and Sagarmatha National Parks are designated as World Heritage Sites.

Truly a great holiday destination for all types of adventure sports activities, to a cultural tour for a small country Nepal. Where holiday planners can enjoy traveling throughout the country without a boring moment, where all places in Nepal are delightful.  

Why Tourism Industry in Nepal regarded as number one:

Tourism in Nepal, famous and popular among wide-world travelers due to cultural and landscape diversity, which includes the change of climate. Where one can travel from low warm tropical Terai to cooler hills, and continue towards the high Himalaya of the arctic zone. 

Different variations from culture, temperature to landscapes, and change of vegetation adds to the beauty and charm of Nepal.   

Nepal Tourism as the number one holiday destination for many good reasons, regarded as the world’s richest due to its great biodiversity. With its unique geographical location, and variation of altitude that extends from 60 m to the highest point on earth.

That is on top of Mt. Everest at 8,848 meters / 29, 028 feet all within 150 km distance. Which makes dramatic changes in climate from Sub-tropical-alpine to Arctic cold, from the low land of the south to northern Himalaya.

Nepal enriched with 02 % of all world flowering plants; 08 % of the world’s bird population, 857 different species. Includes 04 % of mammals on earth with 11 of 15 families of butterflies of more than 500 species. Country with 600 indigenous plant families and 319 different species of exotic orchids that make the Tourism Industry of Nepal.

Wherever you travel in Nepal, foreign tourists find safety with very friendly people offering warm hospitality in every village. From the moment you step in Nepalese soil arriving from various respective countries, you are greeted with cheerful smiles.

That makes Nepal one of the most sought countries on this planet earth, where every tourist is warmly received. The warm friendliness and hospitality is a way of traditional life to respect visitors that exist since ancient memorial times.

Perfect Climate as season wise makes Nepal a Popular holiday Destination:

Nepal is a country for all season-wise that makes Tourism business a great success for the past four decades. For moderate treks, hike, and sightseeing tours one can visit nearly all months of the year except the monsoon season. 

Wet month starts from June to August, but one can trek to the upper region of Himalaya in monsoon time also. Around Upper Mustang, Dolpo and Humla / Limi valley where monsoon clouds are blocked by high Himalaya Mountain range. 

For other mainstream high altitude areas that involve high passes above 5,000 meters good times are in spring and autumn. As well as in pre-winter although cold but clear days for views, facing starry bright nights in the high region of Himalaya.  

Nepal with four main seasons (1) Spring (2) Summer: June to August, (3) Autumn: September-November, (4) Winter: December-February. For all interested travelers can visit Nepal nearly the whole year-round, depending upon the choice of adventure destinations.

Springtime from March to May hills are alive with flowering plants and trees especially the rhododendron in full bloom. The national flower of Nepal and some areas in Nepal Himalaya are regarded as the world largest natural garden.

Nepal tourism destinations get more popular every year among wide-world travelers, where visitors find a safe haven and great comfort. Wherever you travel from major cities, towns as far around rural mountain villages, one can find warm hospitality.

A country with various and wide range of outdoor activities, where some regions are considered as world top ten adventure destinations. Like Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp, and Everest base camp where other areas of Nepal Himalaya are equally captivating.

Besides its picturesque scenery all around the country landscapes where other major attractions are the local culture of various hill tribes. Nepal, truly a most fascinating and marvelous country with more than 60 ethnic groups and 70 native spoken languages.

That makes the country culturally rich where travelers can have fun and enjoy various colorful festivals throughout the year. 

Tourism in Nepal a major business Industry:

Nepal, a land-lock country with only the nearest sea-port is Kolkata / India and Bangladesh. Travelers can enjoy a wonderful and mesmerizing holiday of a life-time experience reaching Nepal via air or overland.

Nepal is slowly expanding its other areas which are unknown and hidden exotic tourist destinations. Nepal will have more international airports in the near future which is already near complete, and this will draw more wide-world visitors. Which will make the country more sustainable with the flow of tourism.

Remember that Nepal is not all about mountains and Himalayan wonders, but a marvelous, independent and sovereign country, a beautiful and oldest country of the world.

Nepal as ‘Nepalaya’ an ancient Sanskrit word means a place on the base of a Mountain within the Greater Himalayan Range.

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